Investment Conferences

Investing ConferencesIn today’s world, investing is no longer a simple task of looking at some basic numbers to see if a stock is worth buying. Our world has become extremely sophisticated and you need to arm yourself with the latest tools in order to invest intelligently. The big players all employ tools, and you just can’t bring a knife to a gun-fight.

Fortunately, one can gain many of the tools and insights necessary to level the playing field when it comes to investing. One great way is to attend key investing conferences to learn about the latest tools, thinking and ideas on how and WHY to invest a certain way. And, we are no longer bounded by national boundaries. Investing today can take many forms, and is frequently done outside of the US as well, as the best returns are typically found in foreign emerging markets.

Investing Conference StrategyHowever, you need a sound strategy when attending a conference. First and foremost, you should ask yourself why you are planning on attending that conference. What strategies and connections do you want to make while you’re there.

One of the key benefits of attending conferences is the networking and offline discussions that you can have on a variety of subjects with fellow enthusiasts. What is the general mood, what new strategies or innovations are they focusing on? Being exposed to many different thoughts ideas and strategies will expand your investing options. Of course, the key is to absorb all this information and determine which ones to pursue or investigate further.

After Conference Socializing

After Conference Socializing

One great way to accomplish this is by focusing on after hours socializing. You’re there for a few days, away from your regular routine, family and friends. You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money – make it worth your while. Identify key individuals that you’d like to have further discussions with, and suggest a place to meet up and have drinks/dinner after. Do you research about the best places ahead of time (check with your hotel concierge), sell why you’re suggesting the place and do it EARLY. Otherwise, you might find that others will already have scheduled events and you’ll be networking on their terms.

On this site, we have highlighted the key investing conferences that any serious investor would need to attend.

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